The Summer of Love, 1967, became more than a Counter Culture fantasy.

The seeds of the Woodstock Nation were planted; a nation that would create a new currency designed to alter established ideas of prosperity forever.

This is the story of how a group of young people set out to challenge the rich and powerful armed with nothing more than an idea whose time had come.

Woodstock Nation Currency - One Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Summer of Love,” First Chakra: Existence, Color: Red, Musical Note: C

Woodstock Nation Currency - 2.5 Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Renewable Resources,”  Second Chakra: Reproduction,  Color: Orange,  Musical Note: D

Woodstock Nation Currency - Five Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Sustainable Technology,”  Third Chakra: Strength,  Color: Yellow,  Musical Note: E

Woodstock National Currency - Ten Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Woodstock Nation,”  Fourth Chakra: Love,  Color: Green,  Musical Note: F

Woodstock Nation Currency - Twenty Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Social Justice,”  Fifth Chakra: Communication,  Color: Sky Blue,  Musical Note: G

Woodstock Nation Currency - Fifty Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Spiritual Awareness,”  Sixth Chakra: Intuition,  Color: Indigo,  Musical Note: A

Woodstock Nation Currency - One Hundred Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Environmental Responsibility,”  Seventh Chakra: Enlightenment,  Color: Violet,  Musical Note: B

Prosperity Through Peace

Excerpts from:

“The Complete and Somewhat Dubious History of Hippie Money”

Hippie Money

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