Official Woodstock Nation Land Deed


Declare your allegiance!  Land owners can apply for and receive a “Woodstock Nation Land Deed” (not a legal document), issued from the Registrar of The Woodstock Nation, which acknowledges you and your property as part of The Woodstock Nation. The Deed is printed on 70# 8 1/2″x 11″ card stock made from tree free, acid free, chlorine free, archival quality HEMP paper and is suitable for framing. You will also receive a FREE personalized, laminated ID card acknowledging you as a card carrying member, in good standing, of The Woodstock Nation.  Price includes FREE shipping.

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Land owners can apply for and receive a “Woodstock Nation Land Deed” (not a legal document) issued from the Registrar of the Woodstock Nation, which identifies them and their property as being part of the Woodstock Nation. They will also receive a free laminated ID card identifying them as card carrying members of the Woodstock Nation. On the front of the Deed reads the following declaration:

“Be it known to all and proclaimed that, acknowledging land as the birthright of future generations, and having duly pledged to protect and nurture their land consistent with sustainable practices that naturally enrich soil and increase the nutrient density of the food produced in it, to preserve and cultivate healthy forests, and to embrace and practice ecologically sound methods to improve water retention in soils and to ensure the purity of surface waters, this document recognizes (your name here) and (name of your land) as identified, recognized, designated and officially acknowledged as member and part of The Woodstock Nation.”


  • This is not a legal document. For the purposes of this application, “Land” can be any acreage, parcel, farm, vacant lot, condominium, etc.
  • Many people have given personal names to their land, “Happy Acres”, “Ridge Top Farm”, etc. If a name is not required or desired, simply use the name of the county where the property is located and the word “Land” after it, as in “Smith County Land,” etc.
  • The acreage or square footage of the property allows for a tally to be kept on the size of the Woodstock Nation as it grows.
  • The assessed value of the property will not appear on the Deed. The Office of the Treasury of the Woodstock  Nation uses property values to authorize the printing of an equivalent value of Woodstock Nation currency.

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