Woodstock Nation ID Card


Never again be accused of being a hippie wannabe! Your personalized, laminated Woodstock Nation ID Card is available and includes FREE shipping! Far out!

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Your personalized Woodstock Nation ID Card will identify, recognize, designate, and officially acknowledge you as a card carrying member, in good standing, of The Woodstock Nation. Printed on 70# card weight, tree free, acid free, chlorine free, archival quality HEMP paper and laminated for longevity.
Declaration on the reverse side of card: “The Bearer of this card embraces Peace, Love, and Understanding as the underlying principles of the Hippie Movement and the Woodstock Nation. This Bearer demands that only sustainable, organic, and ecologically sound practices be used to produce our food, shelter, clothing, and to power our machines. Clean air, pure water, nutritious unprocessed food, adequate shelter with at least a modicum of comfort, and equitable educational and economic opportunities are proclaimed as the birthright of every person now living, and of future generations of Earth, a planet with the capacity to nurture and encourage life, health, energy, creativity, and love to grow and to thrive into eternity.”

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