Peace Dividends
Untainted by expenditures for tools of war, Hippie Money is the medium of choice for peaceful people engaged in mutually positive exchanges that benefit all who willingly and enthusiastically participate.

Peace, Love, & Understanding
The underlying precepts, the very foundations upon which the Hippie Movement rests are Peace, Love, and Understanding. The proper use of these three principles will eliminate all earthly conflict and bring humankind, once again, back to the Garden.

Prosperity Through Peace
The dollar sign sits subserviently behind the symbol for Peace. This insignia reveals a national mind set. Money’s true power, when not subverted to produce the tools of war, can be released to create prosperity for all. Starvation as a result of a lack of food production is an unnatural invention of The Man. Funds not squandered on killing, can be used to drill water wells needed to grow food in arid plains all over the world. We have been given a Mother Earth that is a fountain of abundant prosperity, engineered to nurture, to feed, and to produce all that is needed for precious life. Peace is created when all have what they need. Prosperity is created when all have enough to share. Without giving, there is no prosperity. Without peace, there is no giving.

Sharing, Cooperation, and Goodwill
Three stars represent the cultural precepts of Peace, Love, and Understanding under which two hands, one female and one male, clasp in a union of sharing, cooperation, and goodwill. Vertical stripes of the American flag represent the notion that only by working side by side, not in subservience to those above or dominance over those below do all benefit equally in the abundance that surrounds us.

Value Equivalent
Hippie Money is a medium of exchange that honors one’s labor as an expenditure of effort and time. If time is money it, therefore, has value. As something of value, meaningful labor, surrendered in service to another, must be appropriately honored. Those who bring dignity to work in this way deserve economic stability for their investment, or $10.00 per hour minimally. Those unwilling to dignify this experience with an appropriate amount of work performed per hour, need not be rehired.


Each denomination is dedicated to a specific hippie ideal or event. “The Summer of Love”, “Renewable Resources”, “Sustainable Technology”, “The Woodstock Nation”, “Social Justice”, “Spiritual Awareness”, and “Land Preservation” were all groundbreaking ideas, worthy of preservation by being printed upon these bills. Many new ideas came out of the “Sixties” which were important in their time. They may be even more important now.

Unis Planeta, Unis Populus
One Planet, One People. This seal reminds us that we all are part of the same human family. The graphic of planet Earth reminds us that we are all together, in the same lifeboat hurtling through cold space. As a family, we must all protect it from that which would compromise its life-giving properties. Living in peace and cooperation with all nations, by practicing good stewardship, using renewable resources wisely to create sustainable technologies, by extending good will through social justice and by preserving the wild places of awe and beauty, just as God created them will expand consciousness worldwide and foster peace, safety and good life for all.

In Love We Trust
In sacred texts, all of the Earth’s religions teach that we owe our existence to powerful Gods or Goddesses whose bi-polar mood swings can either exalt or lay waste to their minions. That being the case, it is not just a God who will ultimately save us. Indeed, it will be God having a good day, feeling benevolent and loving, which will give us all the best change for survival. Love is always the best choice.

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