Dedication: “Renewable Resources,” Second Chakra: Reproduction, Color: Orange, Musical Note: D

2.5Untitled-1The utilization of resources, available in unlimited quantities through reproduction, was key to the economy of the new society. Due to the chemical fact that, “anything that can be made from a hydrocarbon (petroleum), can also be made from a carbohydrate (cannabis/hemp)” was seen as the answer to reinvigorating America’s family farms and to reestablishing the American population’s connection to the soil, to Mother Earth. Breaking American’s dependence on foreign oil was seen as a winning plan, strategically, environmentally, and financially. No more could we be held hostage by another OPEC oil embargo. Using renewable and organic resources such as non-psychotropic, organic Cannabis Hemp for paper, fiber, plastics, building and construction materials, and the distillation of organic Sweet Sorghum for clean ethanol fuels was not only seen as a way of preserving the quality of our air and water resources, but was also seen as integral in making America more physically self-reliant, able to produce its basic needs, while at the same time, retaining its financial wealth on-shore. Money not spent on basic needs could be used for the common good, social programs such as free health care for all citizens, and the building of cultural centers dedicated to enriching America through music, art, philosophy, poetry and literature. America’s scientists and engineers could build new, more energy efficient infrastructure based on new discoveries in building techniques and materials, and through technologies learned in vigorous space exploration. America’s surplus wealth could then be directed in a spirit of sharing, cooperation, and good will to assisting developing nations around the world.The 2.5 Dollar denomination honors the freedom that America will only know by a simple shift in focus to its native, organic, agricultural wealth and away from a disease-ridden, chronic dependence on environmentally destructive, financially devastating, limited resources.

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