Fifty Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Spiritual Awareness,” Sixth Chakra: Intuition, Color: Indigo, Musical Note: A


Intuition, a sixth chakra (third eye) power, guided our ancestors thousands of years ago. In antiquity, those with the intuition to know there were large predators ahead and how to avoid them, or in which direction food or fresh water could be found, survived. As our knowledge of weapons increased, the quiet (yin) powers of awareness and intuition were replaced with brute (yang) force. So the avoidance of confrontation was replaced with armed conquest. This bill pays homage to what was once commonly known and then forgotten. A yearning for a return to the lessons of the peaceful path, has inspired the new generations to seek the wisdom of the past. The use of hallucinogenic drugs, plants, and mushrooms, as well as meditation, have been used for eons to induce altered states of awareness in the quest for higher consciousness. Although these methods have been outlawed by many authoritarian (yang) governments around the world, the quest for the universal knowledge of the soft (yin) path will never cease until achieved.

Gaia, the Earth Goddess of the Greeks, shown on the front of this bill, reminds us the path to wisdom and spirituality is found once we reestablish our connection to Nature. Celtic designs, shown on the front and reverse sides, pay homage to the Druids, the enigmatic shamanic caste of Northern Europe, known for their spiritual powers. Even though their knowledge has been lost, they left many clues to show the way. Many megalithic sites still exist in Ireland and England, not the least of which is the Stonehenge monument (shown on the reverse side) in southern England. Built and rebuilt over hundreds of years, Stonehenge appears to have been used as an incredibly accurate astronomical clock which foretold the coming of solar and lunar eclipses, and the solstices and equinoxes, marking the changing seasons.

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