Twenty Dollar Denomination

Dedication: “Social Justice,” Fifth Chakra: Communication, Color: Sky Blue, Musical Note: G

Twenty dollar slide


It’s been said that ninety-five percent of the world’s conflicts happen as a result of a lack of communication. A man who dedicated himself to that spirit and exemplified it in his daily life was Chief Joseph. His quote, “The Earth is the Mother of all people who should have equal rights upon it. Therefore, we must honor all Tribes” sums up a philosophy of peaceful co-existence which he demonstrated by negotiating several peace treaties with the Whites. He, at least, honored his agreements and we honor him on the front of this bill. Chief Joseph’s is the only image of an actual human being who is honored on the front of Woodstock National currency.

The reverse of this bill shows a peaceful encounter between Native Tribes. The party on the right display a pipe and staff, showing honor and respect, before entering the unfamiliar encampment across the river. Such displays are still common among indigenous people though this practice is virtually unknown in the “civilized” world. Honor, respect, and fairness in all dealings is all that is required for all people to live in on peaceful planet.

Located at the throat, the Fifth Chakra is known as the communication center. It is most commonly associated with the color Sky Blue, which was selected as the background color for this bill.

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